Restore C-Section Scar Serum

SKU: Restore C-Section Scar Serum

You don’t have to live with an unsightly C-section scar anymore. Let our combination of vitamins and essential oils help your skin heal naturally. Squalane, derived from the olive, is an amazing natural oil that is easily absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, nourishing, hydrating and providing increased oxygen to the skin, leaving skin feeling silky and smooth.


1.0 oz


  • Reduces appearance of scar tissue

  • Stimulates new cell growth and regenerates the epidermis

Additional Uses:

  • Excellent deep moisturizer during the winter months - can be mixed with any of the other Ma Mi products for especially dry skin

  • Effectively treats dermatitis

  • Effectively treats mild excema

  • Great for those dry areas of the body like the elbows, knees and neck area

Squalane Oil, Vitamin K, Vitamin E.

Price: $24.00

Apply a few drops to the palms of the hand. Using the finger tips, apply to area to be treated.

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